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27 Regiment RLC Bosworth and Lichfield

Syndicate discussion on the tactics to tackle the Religious extremist terrorists who had barricaded themselves into Lichfield cathedral

The aim of this two day all ranks battlefield study was principally as a team building exercise for the Regiment’s Op Olympic contingent. The exercise was intended to achieve the the following:-
• Introducing and refreshing awareness of doctrinal concepts (Principles of war, defence and attack)
• Developing their understanding or the eternal truths about the reality of war, the relevance of the core values and the importance of logistics on operations.
• Develop an understanding of the impact of ground on operations
• An opportunity to develop an understanding of all arms tactics
• Having fun.

The exercises was based at Swynnerton Training Camp in Staffordshire and the historical subject matter expertise was provided by Frank Baldwin and Julian Humphrys pro bono, for the Battlefields Trust.

A handling collection of weapons and armour helps to bring pre-twentieth century warfare to life.

While the technology of the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War are very different to today, the political setting of failed states, regime change civil war and religious extremism has a very modern context.

On each battlefield group discussions were focused on the similarities and differences between the armies and warfare of the 15th and 17th Centuries and those of today, combined with low level TEWTS based on the historic setting.

The exercises ended with an act of Remembrance at the Arm,ed Forces memorial at the National Memorial Arbouretum.

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2 thoughts on “27 Regiment RLC Bosworth and Lichfield”

  1. Unfortunately the armour is being worn incorrectly so I’m not certain how beneficial the exercise was.

    The gorget around the neck is there not only to protect the neck but to distribute the weight of the rest of the armour and should be under the straps for the back and breast plates.

    The helmet is back to front. The small spike on the top should face backwards so you can use it to headbutt the enemy and then rip up with the point of the helmet.

    The bottles on the musketeer are on the wrong shoulder. They should be on the other shoulder so they are accessed by the right hand when going through the loading procedure.

    I think it is a great that the exercise was done but when worn correctly 17th century equipment is much more practical. Throughout the ages soldiers have always looked to create equipment that was practical and could be used in battle. If it is not practical or useful then it would not have been useful at the time and they would have got rid of it.

    Best wishes


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