US Army Staff Ride Policy

The US Army has been using battlefields and staff rides for over a century. The United States Army Combined Arms Centre, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas supports Military History, and publishes material on the US policy as well as staff rides to battles in the USA.  Their website has a lot of useful information

coverTheir view is that:-

• A staff‘ride is a historical study of acampaign or battle that envisions asystematic preliminary study phase, an extensive field study phase on the actual historic site , and an integration phase to capture the lessons derived from each.

• It is far more expansive than a tour or tactical exercise without troops (TEWT).

• It is a time and resource intensive event requiring a level of planning associated with major training missions.

• Poorly done, it wastes Soldiers’ time and taxpayer money.

• Well done, it is a powerful instrument for professional development and education of the Army’s leaders.

CSI_CMH_Pub_70-21 The Staff Ride by William G Robinson in 1987 set out how the US Army conducted staff rides. This influential pamphlet informed how the British Army’s approach to Battlefield Studies and Staff Rides. His pamphlet also demonstrates how they differ from battlefield tours,

Image3The Staff Ride Overview (2 AUG 13) is the advice for American  units planning a staff.ride

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