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XIII Corps 1 July 1916

18 Infantry Division Artillery 1 July Reduced
This map was issued with the 18th Division artillery orders dated 19th June 1916. 

18 Infantry Division Artillery 1 JulyThe above map is shows the divisional and group boundaries and lifts.  It is very similar to the map issued by RA 29th Division except the individual battery targets are not marked.

The innovative procedure is the barrage map, which is unlike any other maps for 1st July 1916. It is a technical drawing from which individual gun data can be calculated.

18 Inf div barrage map reduced
This barrage map is unlike any other maps for 1st July 1916. It is a technical drawing from which individual gun data can be calculated.

From 1916 to 1945 the creeping barrage was an important artillery technique favoured by the british Army.

sangro barrage map

Artillery map for XIII Corps Heavy Artillery.

XIII_Corps_HA_1 July

Cold War Material


Strategic Setting

Operational setting



I BR Corps Deployment

Approximate 1 BR Corps deplopyment 1988

NorthAG Counterstroke

Counter stroke trace


BAOR Road Map

BAOR Road Map Reduced
Extract from BAOR Road map 1:500,000 GSGS 5070 series 9 – 1980s roadmap

3 MB file here

I BR Corps Road Map Extracts

Hildesheim -Braunschwieg – the Pin Table
1 BR Corps map extract_Northern Extension_reduced
1 BR Corps 1:100,000 Map the Pin Table Area NC 6077 – PD0005

3 MB image here

Area of 1 BR Corps 1:100,000 map extract NC/PC Eastings 62-02 Northings 49-77
Area of 1 BR Corps 1:100,000 map extract NC/PC Eastings 62-02 Northings 49-77

3 MB image here

Weser Valley Minden-Hameln
1 BR Corps map extract_R Weser_reduced
1 Br Corps 1:100,000 map extract Weser Valley 9568-3695

3 MB image here

Abberode -Lochtum Inner German Border

BAOR Road map 1:100,000 IGB area PD0755- 6212

4Mb image here

Briefing material

NATO’S Northern Army Group


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Threat Material


This poster sized publication folded down to a pocket sized  aide memoir covering Warsaw Pact equipment , organisations and tactics.

Threat Aide Memoir side 1_Reduced

High resolution version here

Threat Aide Memoir side 2 reduced

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The British Army First World War Battlefield Guide Volume 1 The Western Front

afwwbg_coverThe British Army First World War Battlefield Guide should be the background reading for any battlefield study to the western Front.  It has been edited by retried major general Mungo Melvin, one of the leading practitioners in the art of the staff ride.

He has drawn on the resources of the British Commission for Military  History, of which he is currently the Secretary General.  The  contributors are from across the spectrum of contemporary British military history, illustrated by Sandhurst’s  Barbara Taylor.

This has been made widely available for the officers and NCOPs accompanying the  schools centenary programme.

Copies of the book can be obtained from SO1 Commemoration,Land Forces Directorate, Army Headquarters, and an electronic version is also available.


Preface Lord Astor of Hever
Foreword Sir Hew Strachan
Introduction Mungo Melvin
The Principal Commanders, 1914-1918
Introduction to the Second Edition Mungo Melvin

The Battles

1. The Battle of Mons, 23 August 1914   Mungo Melvin
2. The Battle of Le Cateau, 26 August 1914 Spencer Jones
3. The First Battle of the Marne, 5-12 September 1914 Tim Gale
4. The First Battle of the Aisne, 12 September — 15 October 1914 Frank Baldwin
5. The First Battle of Ypres, 19 October — 22 November 1914 John Lee
6. The Battle of Neuve Chapelle, 10-12 March 1915 Michael Orr
7. The Second Battle of Ypres, 22 April- 25 May 1915 John Lee
8. The Battles of Aubers Ridge and Festubert, 9 & 16-27 May 1915 Michael Orr
9. The Second and Third Battles of Artois, 9 May- 18 June & 25 September-15 October 1915 Christophe Gue
10. The Battle of Loos, 25 September — 15 October 1915 Michael Orr
11. The Battle ofVerdun, 21 February — 20 December 1916 Frank Baldwin
12. The Battle of the Somme, 1 July — 18 November 1916 John Ross
13. The Battle of Arras, 9 April- 16 May 1917, John Peaty
14. The Second Battle of the Aisne (the Nivelle Offensive), 16 April-9May 1917 Frank Baldwin
15. The Battle of Messines, 7-14 June 1917 Edward Madigan
16. The Third Battle ofYpres (Passchendaele) 31 July — 20 November 1917 Jeremy Pughe-Morgan
17. The Battle of la Malmaison, 17-25 October 1917 Christophe Gue
18. The Battle of Cambrai, 20 November — 6 December 1917 Charles Messenger
19. Operation MICHAEL, 21 March — 5 April 1918 David T. Zabecki
20. Operation GEORGETTE (The Battle of the Lys), 9-29 April 1918 David T. Zabecki
21. The First Tank vs. Tank Action in History, Villers-Bretonneux, 24 April 1918 Geoffrey Vesey Holt
22. Operation BLUCHER (The Third Battle of the Aisne), 27 May — 5 June 1918 David T. Zabecki
23. The Battle of Belleau Wood, 6-26 June 1918 David T. Zabecki
24. The Battle of le Hamel, 4 July 1918 Geoffrey Vesey Holt
25. The Second Battle of the Marne, 15 July — 6 August 1918 Tim Gale
26. The Battle of Amiens, 8-11 August 1918 Gary Sheffeld
27. The Meuse Argonne Offensive, 26 September — 11 November 1918 Douglas Mastriano
28. The Battles for the Hindenburg Line, 27 September — 9 October 1918 Jonathan Boff

Supporting Essays

29. The Royal Navy and the First World War Stephen Prince
30. The First World War — A Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) and the Birth of the Modern Style ofWarfare Jonathan Bailey
31. The Development of Air Power, 1914-1918 Seb Cox
32. The Development of Artillery on the Western Front James Cook
33. Tanks in the First World War David Fletcher
34. The Development of Military Engineering on the Western Front Michael Crawshaw
35. Mapping and Survey on the Western Front John Peaty
36. Logistic and Medical Support on the Western Front Alistair McC|uskey
37. A Brief Overview of British Communications on the Western Front Bob Evans
38. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Colin Kerr

Cold War Document Pack

For anyone wishing to explore the battlefields of the Cold War, we have probably the most extensive collection of material relating to the role of the British Army in Germany in the Cold War, including  a copy of the reading pack for Ex United Shield 2009.

wx united sheild reader

 Threat Posters Aide Memoirs and magazines


Threat Aide Memoir side 1

I BR Corps Battle Notes


Nuclear Operations – Tactics

Nuclear Ops

Exercise papers


and more….